24ID Check web-based application

Manage the entire acceptance and administration process of your clients in a secured environment online or on your proprietary web server. No local software or data storage required - everything is centrally available for the entire organization. The complete digital personal dossier will be encoded and saved. By simply XML-connecting your application, checked and verified client data will automatically be transmitted  to the leased software. Additional processes thus become unnecessary.

Personal data

Location-independent administration through your proprietary acceptance procedure and online access to personal data, documents and checks. By a simple connection to the leased software, checked and verified client data will automatically be transmitted to the same. The complete digital personal dossier will be encoded and saved reliably and can be accessed online at just any location. 


- Secured application as per ISO 27001
- Conforms to CBP directive
- BSN number screening
- Location-independent access
- Connection CRM software

User Management

Manage your staff settings independently in the application. Depending on the user rights set, your employees will be able to access, adjust, accept or reject accounts. Via the log-on, your employees will gain access to the application and all actions will be registered with respective employees. 


- Manage your staff settings independently
- Authorization per employee
- Online access at any location
- Reduction of administration costs
- Significant FTE savings

Terminal settings


- Management terminals on location
- Secured VPN connection
- Live monitoring for your sites
- Registration steps adjustable
- Terminals 12 languages available

Control settings

Controle instellingen

- Validation via SMS or e-mail
- ID card and driving license check
- CrimiMail, Elena and BOGR validation
- Verification of individual, address or telephone number
- Bankruptcy, insolvency