Identification and Checkup

Privacy by design means that your organization already devotes time and attention on privacy-enhancing measures during the development stage of products and services (such as information systems), also known as privacy enhancing technologies (PET). Secondly, data minimization is taken into account: you process as little as possible personal data, i.e., only that data which is necessary for the purpose of the processing. This way you can technically enforce a careful and responsible handling of personal data.

Organization´s interest

Privacy by design also contributes to your organization's interests. When you don’t recognize the privacy risks associated with a product or service at an early stage, but only if its development is well underway? Then chances are that necessary adjustments become very time consuming and costly for you.


Quickly and safely scanning identification documents

With the scanning application on a front desk or the unattended terminals licenses, identity cards and passports are quickly scanned for authenticity, checked and safely added to the online file.

Uploading identification documents

In addition to scanning it is also possible to upload a colour image of a driver's license, identity card or passport for online processing.

Smartphone app for identification documents

With the mobile app it is possible to create an account, take a picture of the ID card with your smartphone and uploading it.


dot Government Administration - Identity Theft
dot Dutch DPA - Privacy rights
dot Police - Identity Theft
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